Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lucky Penny Two (no cheesy pictures this time!)

Last night was our second Lucky Penny... on the first day of Spring.

In typical Anna-style I was dashing from one creative venture to the next, and somehow missed about half of those who had turned up due to my lateness. Oops! (So much for being a good organiser...)
Mezze Bar was quite busy that night and this time we had got ourselves a table in the midst of it all. Lucky Penny people are quite easy to spot... keep an eye out for yarn, crafty books, and an occasional project... So I was joined by co-organiser Heleen, Bron from Ran with Scissors, Helene who knits plus some new faces ...for coffee/wine/craft/chat/nibbles- yay! Lots of inspiration abound.

Cos that's what Lucky Penny is all about. Catch the next Lucky Penny on Tuesday 6th October, same place, same time.

1 comment:

  1. crud! I thought it was next week! Sorry I didn't make it, next one I am there for sure, I'm writing it on the calendar right now =)