Tuesday, October 27, 2009

November Lucky Penny

It's nearly Lucky Penny time! Next Lucky Penny is on the 3rd November from 7.30pm onwards at Mezze Bar, Durham Lane, Auckland. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Auckland Craft Collective

Something very exciting is happening: a craft business and networking group is being set up by the very motivated and resourceful Jessica Whiting and Kylie Richardson. The Auckland Craft Collective will start in March next year and will be in the form of monthly meetings with all sorts of experts speaking on topics like intellectual property, book keeping, branding, marketing, etc. What a great idea and something our budding little industry really needs! Will keep you updated here closer to the time.

Lucky Penny the Third

No pictures again, so this one will have to do: Jessica's gorgeous crochet circle. Only one of the many things that happened last night. Coffee, wine, cake and tapas; some crafting; some show and tell; mostly lots of conversation. We had a full table, about 10 of us at the back of a very full Mezze bar. Next time I promise to have a big prominent sign, so you don't have to study every person in the place looking for signs of craftiness :) We had two brave new recruits doing just that (well done Jason and ... possibly Vicky; I'm terrible with names). Also Karla (the sewing half of Geekbooteek) and City (NZ Cupcake Queen) collectively AKA Kraftbomb, Bronwyn (Ran with Scissors), Sarah (Cotton Kiwi), Jessica (Bam Bam Creative), Jamie (Porcelain Rove), and of course Anna and Heleen. It was a really great night out, thanks guys!