Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lucky Penny Four

Hello! This time, for Lucky Penny, we had managed to make a sign. Fancy, no? Lucky Penny night went really well, with a host of new faces and some mean looking knitting needles! We even took over the couches and the little tables this time… crafters in the corner! Lots of chatter and crafty design-y conversation ensued over cake, hot chocolate, wine and soup (mine). A few familiar faces were there- I’m talking about you Jessica, Jamie, Jason (all ‘J’ names by the way) and some new knitty and crochet-ing ladies from out west (I’m sorry if I did not catch your names!) And of course organizers Anna and Heleen. There was a bit manic knitting and crochet going on- a scarf was rustled up in the space of an evening on some very large needles- goodness! I felt very empty-handed…! Some interesting things happened- I got word of a creative Christmas ornament swap which I am keen to join- but be quick, you need to sign up by the 6th November. I’m thinking of ideas now… but like we say, there is nothing like conversation with like-minded people to inspire you!

A big thanks to the lovely lady who makes these fantastic crochet flowers!

Next Lucky Penny: Tuesday December 1st. Don’t forget to mark your calendar!

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