Sunday, February 7, 2010


Apologies for the very delayed post, but you can blame a successful LP night on Tuesday. It was great fun to see everybody again after the holidays; we had the usual refreshments, crafting and a good discussion on the ethics involved in labelling work as 'hand-made'. It wasn't as serious as it sounds though :)

I can't believe LP has been going for 6 months now. If you've been wondering about whether you should come along next time; here's why you should:

  • LP is just a small group of friendly crafters (we're normally about 10 to 15).
  • You can learn a bit about the craft markets if you're new to it.
  • There's always a bit of show and tell about new projects and purchases.
  • You can get to know some very interesting people.
  • You can get help from some very talented people.

The last reason is also the reason I've been unable to tear myself away from my knitting. Penny showed me what I was doing wrong with my purl stitch, and Belinda showed us an awesome knitting technique, the Magic Loop. Thanks everyone, and see you next month!

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