Friday, February 3, 2012

February already!

Happy 2012 to you! Ok, it's not so new any more, but I'm still on school holiday time... Not so sure if I'm lucky or not!

It's time for Lucky Penny next Tuesday, and I'm so excited about where we're having it. The lovely Erin and Moira from Alphabet City have invited us round for a little social gathering at 71 Mt Eden Rd, Eden Terrace. Erin and Moira are passionate about zines, the printed and written word, publishing and heaps more.  They run classes and workshops too, and I hear their Letter Writing Club is very popular.  

I hope to see you there, whether you've been before or not; it will be great to start the year off on such a high note! I'll bring some baking and you're welcome to bring something along too, but don't go overboard now ladies! As we said over on Facebook today, Lucky Penny is not the type of club to give you homework :)  It's a show and tell though, so bring your craft books/projects/fabric/tools/whatever you've done over the holidays.

So: 7.30pm at Alphabet City, address above.  We'll return to Mezze next month as usual.
See you there x

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